Owner’s Representation

Owner’s Representation is a service provided to help Owners conserve time and capital, while having construction professionals represent their interests to assure their project meets the specified quality and budget in a timely manner. As an Owner’s Representative, we can take an Owner through the conceptual phase all of the way through completion of the project. From our extensive previous experience, we provide insight into construction economics, contract management and risk management to maximize potential for success while minimizing risks.

Our position in the industry allows an Owner insight into the operation of different design and construction firms. This insight allows an Owner to select the design team and contractor that is the right choice for your project. Although we provide no legal services, we can guide the Owner through the creation of design and construction contracts that will protect the Owner’s interests. We then work closely with the project team to administer the construction contract and negotiate resolution of disputes and changes while keeping an eye on the quality and costs until the work is complete.

Owner’s Representation Services:

  • Solicitation and Negotiation for Design Services
  • Design Management
  • Solicitation for Construction Services
  • Bidding and Negotiation of Construction Contracts
  • Construction Contract Creation
  • Management of the Construction Contract
  • Oversight of Construction Costs
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Interface with Owner’s Lending Institution regarding monthly draws