Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an unfortunate reality of the construction business. Capital Construction Consultant’s experienced professionals provide assistance and guidance to manage the challenges of disputes. Our thorough, in-depth knowledge of construction methods coupled with our expertise in industry standards, schedule, and cost analysis procedures, can be relied upon to provide clients with realistic and objective solutions for minimizing and resolving disputes. Our approach to disputes and dispute resolution is clear, focused and precise. Our objective is to properly identify the causes of all issues at hand and to provide our clients with a realistic and accurate appraisal of the financial risks and rewards. With CCCI’s involvement, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and owners can be assured of the highest degree of objectivity in assessing potential liability.

Construction disputes and claims may be avoided entirely with proper planning and foresight. At CCCI, we can assist in minimizing and avoiding disputes by conducting a thorough review of the contract and front-end documents prior to award. Through this process, essential notice provisions and submittal requirements involving claims for time and money can be identified and set up in advance to ensure compliance. Similarly, knowledge of the administrative procedures required for the preservation of rights for claims advancement can also be discussed to safeguard against possible waiver. Our experts, who have managed a broad spectrum of contracts, can assist in setting up a system for tracking correspondence, RFIs, PCOs, Claims, Field Orders, Time Impact Analysis, and the like to ensure compliance.