Claims Analysis

Favorably resolving a construction dispute is a function of proving cause, effect, and liability by demonstrating reasonable entitlement. To accomplish this objective, claims must be written simply and concisely, in a narrative that is well-organized and substantiated with accurate backup documentation. Our experts have successfully accomplished this task on numerous projects, which resulted in substantial recovery and payment. To complement our thorough analysis, the experts at Capital Construction Consultants provide compelling graphic representations of our findings. From identifying liability to assessing damages, Capital Construction Consultants prepares and presents our client’s position in a strong and convincing way.

Claim Preparation

  • Research
  • Contract Analysis
  • Delays

Damage Calculations

  • Cost Analysis
  • Schedule Impacts
  • Delay Damages
  • Acceleration
  • Inefficiency
  • Loss of Productivity

Claim Resolution

  • Claim Analysis
  • Presentations
  • Claim Settlement
  • Dispute Resolution